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The basics

What is Bread?

Bread is the perfect object to summarize the Christian faith. Jesus is the bread of life (John 6:35). The word of God is our true sustenance and bread (Matt 4:4), and the early church broke bread in their homes with glad and sincere hearts (Acts 2:46). Bread can easily represent our Lord, our Scriptures, and our community. Bread is also an acronym. (B)elievers (R)eading (E)ating (A)nd (D)oing. This simple phrase summarizes what is different about Bread Church.

Believers - We help people become believers based on the teachings of Jesus and his apostles. The definition of a Christian has been watered down and distorted, but the truth is transformational.

Reading - Our time together focuses on the scriptures. Not a sermon. Not the opinions of men. We devote ourselves to the public reading of scripture so that we may be fully equipped.

Eating - We imitate the early church by making the Lord’s Supper the reason we come together. We take communion every week, but it is actually a full meal in our homes. We create real and lasting community.

And Doing - We are not interested in being educated simply so we can ignore what we are learning. We expect each other to live out the truth of Jesus’ teachings in our daily lives


download bread recipe

Use this guide to:

  • Start a new Bread Gathering

  • Help people become Christians based on the Scriptures

  • Go deeper with your own Bible study

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see for yourself

Find a Bread Gathering

Bread Church is not a business. It doesn’t want your money. It has no formal control over anyone or anything. Anyone can start a Bread Gathering.

Here is a list of churches that have asked to be listed on this page. These churches are made of believers, reading the scriptures, eating the Lord’s Supper, and doing what Jesus has asked of them. They would love to have you stop by and visit:

  • Who: The Taylors’
    Where: Bonita Springs, FL (contact for address)
    When: 3:30pm Every Sunday

  • Who: The Muses’
    Where: Arcadia, FL (contact for address)
    When: 3:30pm Every Other Sunday

  • Who: The Porters’
    Where: Clemson, SC
    When: Every Sunday (call 864.328.6262 for time and address)

  • Who: The Torres’
    Where: Denver, CO
    5775 W Dartmouth Ave.
    Denver, CO 80227
    When: 4pm Every Sunday


add your gathering

Have you carefully read the Bread Recipe? Are you following the teaching of Jesus and his apostles? Do you want to list your gathering on this page so others can find you?



What is the best way to begin if I want to start a Bread Church?

First, make sure that you are personally following Jesus. Be sure to carefully read the scriptures about the gospel, about salvation, and about discipleship in the Bread Recipe guide. You can’t help others until your own life is in order.

Second, make a commitment to do what the New Testament says concerning church. As a simple starting point - take communion in your home each week, and use it as a time to read scripture and pray. Do this even if it is just you and a spouse, or you and a friend, or even you alone. Everything starts incredibly small before it can grow. If you faithfully create church as described in the scriptures then you will have something consistent that you can invite others into as opportunities arise.


What’s the best way to help people that visit my Bread Church?

At the end of the day you are trying to connect people to God and to Jesus. It’s not about you. Therefore, the best way to help others is to show them what the scriptures really say. Use the Bread Recipe guide as a tool to help people learn what the scriptures say about different topics. Don’t make assumptions about what people know or don’t know. Ask them if they would like to get together with you on a regular basis to go through all the scriptures in the guide. This could be once a week, once a day, or whatever works. Essentially, you help people the most when you expose them to the truth of the scriptures and challenge them to follow Jesus the way he said he wants to be followed. If you help people understand and obey the scriptures then you will be making disciples and transforming the world.


What denomination is Bread Church?

We are trying to follow Jesus and his apostles. This means that some of our beliefs will overlap with different denominations and some of our beliefs will go counter to different denominations. We are not against any denomination, and we are not for any denomination, we are just trying to read the New Testament and be followers of Jesus the way he taught us to be.


Frequently asked questions

As you learn about Bread Church you probably have some questions. Here are some of the frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us also if you need a specific question answered.